Unipos FD 8040 Flame Detector


Flame detector, IR, with optional lock.


Supply voltage: (from12- to30)V DC
Current consumption in Duty Mode: 300 μA

Current consumption in Fire condition
– with a base type 8000 & 8000D: 8mA/12V DC;- 25mA/ 30V DC
– with a base type 8000R & 8000DR: 18mA/12V DC;- 55mA/ 30V DC

Sensitivity: in accordance with EN54-10, class 2 (IR)
Time delay: T-10s ( optional T-5s;T-20s)
Protected area: Angle of visibility 45o
Type of the line connection: two-wire
Degree of protection: IP 40
Operation Temperature Range: from Minus 10 oC to 55 oC
Relative humidity resistance: (92±3)% at 40 oC
Dimensions: (base type 8000 included) 100mm h 47 mm Ø
Output in Alarm condition: Terminal RI/KL for RI31 or RI31S
Cross section of the connection wire: (0.8-1.5mm2)