Detnov CMD-502


Carbon monoxide control panel of 2 zones expandable up to 3 zones. 32 detectors per zone. 2-wire installation without polarity, maximum distance of 2 km. 3 programmable level relays (extraction 1, extraction 2 and alarm). The relays can be configured for activation with a fault. Two shooting modes, standard (by value of each detector) or by the real average of the whole area. Test mode for the maintenance of the installation. Optional: TRMD-500 or TRMD-501 card allows the control of a speed controller connected to an engine achieving energy efficiency and reducing noise and vibrations. Housing made of ABS plastic, with possibility of being recessed. Dimensions: 439 x 268 x 112 mm. Power supply at 230 Vac. Certificate UNE 23300: 1984.