AVS EWEB PLUS – Ethernet board

Optional board LAN/Ethernet and Web Server

The interface of communication EWEB PLUS B allows the LAN connection with the control panels CAPTURE/XTREAM. The embedded Web Server allows to manage CAPTURE/XTREAM through a common Internet Browser, offering many features:

– Real time status verification on a graphic map
– On-off system, on-off output
– Memory event control, diagnostics and zone exclusion
– Email sending for alarm, on-off, fail
– Mobile App management “MY AVS ALARM”
– Simultaneous connection up to 4 users
– Digital protocols via TCP-IP with data encryption AES128 bit
– Management of the protocols VS-XLINK for other systems integration.INSTALLER FUNCTIONS – Programming and firmware updating/upgrading of RAPTOR control panels through
XWIN, using a LAN/WLAN connection or remote in ADSL or with the mobile APP MYAVSMANAGER, through the Cloud.
– Dynamic DNS Management – LAN Port: RJ45, 10/100 Mbit/s – Compatibility: RAPTOR software XWIN and ELM